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Adventure Van
Head out for an amazing camping adventure with picnics, surfing and even hang-gliding with this brilliant, easy-to-carry camper van complete with dolls and accessories!

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From 3 Years
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Block and Roll
Fill, build, dump, carry, push, pull, play. How many more ways can your child use this do-everything toy?

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From 12 months
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The perfect beginner's Quadrilla set! This set comes with various parts and accessories to keep your children entertained for hours as they put their engineering imagination the test. Its simple assembly means that it’s perfect for children to build themselves but it also means they can play collaboratively with family and friends as they race down the track.

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From 4 Years
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Color Mixer - DE/IT/EN
Made in conjunction with Hape, Baby Einstein has transformed the look and feel of this classic toy. New features encourage your toddler to mix and match colors to see all the enchanting effects of this bead maze. Show her that her actions matter — three beads combined will start a rainbow light show! Once she pairs the right beads to their matching color base, she’ll unlock new fun tunes and hear the color names in English, Spanish and French. This toddler toy is more than just a maze – it’s the first step to art and music appreciation. With a whirl, twirl and a spin, she’ll be amazed at the way her actions cause lights to appear and music to start playing.

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From 12 months
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Creative Construction Kit
Build a star, a ball or a wheel with this great Flexistix starter kit. Contains bamboo and flexible connectors for three different projects – or design your own fantastic creations!

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From 4 Years
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Fantasia Blocks Train
Uniquely shaped blocks with enchanting patterns inspire building in a whole new way. Interchangeable train cars add more possibilities.

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From 18 months
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Farm house Faith
Der Bauernhof Bea ist ein farbenfroher Holzbauernhof für die Kleinsten. Er wird auf einer praktischen, textilen Spielmatte aufgebaut, die echten Erlebnischarakter schafft. Das portable Spielset besteht aus acht Bauernhoftieren sowie Zubehör aus Holz und Textil. Dank des integrierten Holztragegriffs kann es ganz einfach überall hin mitgenommen werden.

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From 12 months
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High Seas Rocker
Cast off from shore to teeter and totter on imaginary ocean waves! Drift across the deep blue and rock worries away aboard this tugboat.

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From 12 months
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Interactive Happy Birthday Cake
Give a birthday surprise to your friends, family or teddy bear with this wonderful interactive birthday cake! Featuring fun sound effects, an electric top cake with candle that you can actually blow out and six slices with strawberries and chocolate wafers!

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From 3 Years
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Musical Cloud Light
Sweet dreams are made of this…With this charming cloud-shaped night light your little one will love falling asleep. The Musical Cloud Light has a sleep timer and a sensor that will reactivate the cloud automatically if your little one starts to cry. Cloud 9 here we come.

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From 0 months
New Explorer Balance Bike, Black/red
Watch as they grow in size and confidence with their Explorer Bike. This ride-along helps them prepare for pedal bikes whilst improving their balance, independence and control. Suitable for indoor and outdoor play which means that even the rain won't stop the fun!

From 3 Years
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It’s time to answer the call of the wild! Get kids excited about the outdoors with these amazing nature toys. And you’ll get to teach them about how each of them work in the most fun setting possible – nature. The set includes a children’s telescope, magnifying glass, whistle, periscope, compass and carabiner clip. It’s ideal for family trips to the woods, going camping and so much more.

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Picnic Set
Head out into nature for a delightful day with this picnic set! Includes one fabric basket, one picnic cloth, three bottles of beverages, two strawberries, two pieces of bread, one lettuce leaf, one slice of tomato and one piece of cheese to make a sandwich with!

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From 18 months
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Race Track Station
Add a new dimension of fun to your rail play with this racecar track and station. Transport your cars to the track – and get racing!

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From 3 Years
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Rock-a-bye Cradle
Rock "dolly" to sleep in this sturdy cradle.

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From 3 Years
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Shake and Match Shape Sorter
Bead-filled blocks add a new dimension of play to this multi-tasking shape sorter.

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From 12 months
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Silly Spaghetti
Time to play with your food! Bend and twist the pasta into any shape you like then attach the 13 pieces of food for either a yummy meal or a crazy noodly face!

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From 3 Years
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This classic stroller lets your child take "dolly" for a walk around the block…or all through the house.

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From 3 Years
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Sweet Dreams Baby Mobile
Make baby’s changing time and bed time more fun with this colorful mobile that fastens securely to cots and change tables. An adjustable wooden arm makes it easy to install and flexible to use. It features a music box that turns and plays a nursery rhyme.

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From 0 months
World Tour Puzzle
Race your friends around the world with this fun two-in-one game. First complete the 100-piece puzzle showing the countries of the world. Then use the characters to travel to each continent. Includes a double-sided poster.

From 5 Years
2 in 1 Rocking Horse
Take a ride on this wonderful wooden rocking horse. With a comfortable seat, easy-to-grip handles and a beautiful design, the horse`s curved base can be used as a balance board when the horse is removed.

From 12 months
Air stacker
3, 2, 1… Lift off! Who knew rocket science was as simple as stacking? With the Rocket Air Stacker, you can build the tallest of rockets and then watch the ball float to the top using the wonders of gravity. With different patterned tubes, new combinations can be tried over and over again. Plus, the near-silent fan means your child can still have fun even if younger siblings are napping.

From 3 Years
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All Season House (Furnished)
Unleash their imagination with Hape’s All Season House. With three levels and six rooms, it will spark your child’s creativity as they design the rooms with the included furniture and accessories. The sturdy wooden construction of this house means it will last as your child grows. The storytelling possibilities are endless as little homemakers can add figurines and accessories to customise their home just how they like it.

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From 3 Years
All-in-1 Easel
Whether it’s a scenic view or a dashing portrait, this all-in-one easel is ideal for your budding artist. This sleekly designed easel keeps any creative mess in one place, as it includes paint pot holders, a storage shelf and a replaceable roll of paper. Its adjustable height means it can keep us as your child grows. And its durable, high-quality frame will last for years to come.

From 3 Years