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Country Critters Play Cube

From 12 months


  • A bright and colourful play cube that comes with five sides of fun-filled activities to keep your child entertained for hours on end!
  • The various games like a bead run and shape sorter, means there is plenty for your little one to get stuck in with.
  • With the different sides, your child can improve their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, imagination and problem-solving skills all whilst playing.
  • The generous size, bright colours and alternating activities, mean your child will enjoy their play time with this cube as there will be plenty to discover.

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Product number: E1810


Country Critters Play Cube

Article nr.: E1810
From mazes, shapes and levers to all sorts of colourful creatures this five-sided activity centre truly is a hub of activity. This play cube is certainly a valuable play toy for children as it promotes a large variety of skills including counting, maths, recognition of colour, pattern and shape and of course, fine motor and problem-solving skills. It is also made of high-quality, Hape wood with water-based paint to stand up to years of fun.


  • HUB OF ACTIVITY: This sort-and-discover activity play cube has five sides. Watch your child enjoy the beaded Adventure Land that’s full of loops, a Shape Sorter with six smiling shapes, the Animal Queue to move the figures along the right path, a Turnplate with plenty of rattling elements and even a Tap the Ball track for to race down the balls when you hit them through the hole.
  • INSPIRED BY NATURE: This activity cube is an animal-inspired play cube that includes ten pieces featuring wooden balls, shapes, a wooden pounder and more.
  • ENCOURAGES MOTOR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: This learning puzzle toy for toddlers helps to develop motor skills, logic skills and perseverance.
  • DURABILITY: Made of sturdy wood, child-safe materials and water-based paint.
  • AWARD-WINNING: This development toy is an award-winning shape sorter.
  • Length: 49cm Width: 35cm Height: 35cm

Play tips

Sit down with your child and strengthen your bond as you name colours you can see on the cube or take a numerical approach and count the various creatures. Take it in turns to sort the pieces by shape, colour, or size and see who does it the quickest if you want to make it a little bit competitive. Plus using descriptive words such as “over, under, around, though, in, out” describes the play in action.

Warning notice

WARNING: This toy requires adult assembly. Unassembled, it contains potentially hazardous points and small parts. Please keep it out of baby's reach.

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