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Tap-along Tambourine

From 12 months


  • This colourful wooden tambourine and drum for toddlers introduces them to song and dance, while developing hand-eye coordination and a sense of rhythm.
  • It also encourages them to express themselves creatively and builds confidence.
  • Being a tambourine and drum in one, it stimulates sensory development by teaching toddlers about different sounds and textures.

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Product number: E0607


Tap-along Tambourine

Article nr.: E0607
The Tap-Along Tambourine isn’t just a fun way for toddlers to learn about rhythm and timing, it also encourages physical movement and hand-eye coordination. Let them find their own unique and expressive way of tapping the tambourine or beating the drum while they dance.


  • ENCOURAGES CREATIVE PLAY: Designed for tiny hands to hold and shake, this musical toy will awaken your toddler's senses and get them up on their feet. Encourages hours of enjoyable creative play.
  • TAMBOURINE AND DRUM IN ONE: You can play this musical toy like a tambourine, or set it down and beat it like a drum with your open hand. Let your toddler decide how they prefer to express themselves.
  • STIMULATES RHYTHM AND MOVEMENT: Ideal for stimulating speech, singing and rhythmic movement in toddlers. It also helps promote hand-eye coordination, as well as sensory perception.
  • EASY ON THE EARS: We’ve made this toy tambourine fun to play while being easy on little ears. The wooden play surface keeps the volume at a safe and comfortable level.
  • ABOUT HAPE: A world leader in creating high quality and sustainable educational toys that are as good for kids as they are for the planet.

Play tips

Build up your toddler’s sense of timing and hand-eye coordination by encouraging them to copy the way you dance, while rattling the tambourine in time to the beat of the music. Then ask them to make up their own dance routine to help develop their creativity and confidence.

Warning notice

WARNING: Do not use close to the ear! Misuse may cause damage to hearing.

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