Learning benefits

Each Hape toy has been researched and designed to be fun to play with, while also helping children to learn important skills as they play.

Fine motor skills

The fine motor skills in a child's, hands and wrists create precise movements that help them be more competent with everyday activities like eating, drawing and playing with small objects.

Social skills

Social skills like sharing, listening, and empathy help children to make and keep healthy relationships. Plus, they'll learn to approach situations with confidence and to complete tasks successfully.

Problem solving

This involves brain-based skills like attention, memory and thinking. Problem solving helps a child process sensory information, to understand cause and effect, and to evaluate, analyse and remember.

Language skills

Language skills include reading, writing, listening and speaking. These skills help with being attentive to the sounds of words, their meanings and developing an increasingly precise vocabulary.

Emotional development

This helps a child to tune into their own feelings, to respond appropriately to different social situations and to build a strong sense of self-awareness and self-worth.

Physical development

Gross motor skills help children to develop physically by making controlled movements of the large muscles in their arms, legs and torso.

Creative development

This is the process of devolping the imagination, storytelling, and exploring creative arts, music and dance.

Maths & number skills

Also known as numeracy skills, these relate to the understanding of numbers, counting, solving practical number problems, measuring, noticing patterns and adding and subtracting numbers or objects.

Exploring & discovery

Learning about natural science and the laws of nature will help children understand and observe how the world around them works. In turn, it nurtures an appreciation for scientific subjects.