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Walk-A-Long Snail

From 12 months


  • Double the fun with seperable snail and shell
  • Tail moves as snail rolls along
  • Child-safe, water-based paint
  • Made from sustainable and durable wood

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Product number: E0349


Walk-A-Long Snail

Article nr.: E0349
This multi-tasking snail totes a shell full of wooden blocks as he tags along behind you. Lighten the load by removing the colorful shape sorter, and he’s ready to roll alone.


  • LEARNING AND EXPLORING COMPANION: Perfect tagalong push or pull toy for your little one as they gain confidence in learning and exploring.
  • REMOVABLE SHAPE SORTER SHELL: Bright and colourful toddler toy. The shell features three differently shaped holes for toddlers to practice shape-sorting on one side. There is an elastic-banded opening on the other. The sorter comes with a blue triangle, red cylinder and yellow square.
  • CONVENIENT PULL STRING: The string is long enough for your child to pull the toy easily behind them as sorted blocks spin around and the snail’s tail waves.
  • SAFE TO PLAY WITH: Durable and sturdy wooden toddler toy, contains water-based paint and has non-toxic finishes.
  • AWARD-WINNING: The winner of the 2013 Play Advances Language Award and the 2014 Parent’s Choice Recommended Award.

Play tips

Name all the colors on the snail and his shell. Match the colored shapes with the colored slats on the shell. Set up blocks and pull the snail through the “maze.” Use words such as “push” and “pull” to describe your child’s actions.

Warning notice

WARNING: Please keep all the relevant information for future reference.

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