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Mega Metropolis Train Bucket Set

From 3 Years


  • The set contains 1 storage box with lid, 3 S-shaped tracks, 1 Y-shaped track, 4 curved tracks, 8 straight tracks, 2 ramp tracks, 4 wooden accessories, 1 freight train with two wagons, 1 platform, 1 watchtower, 1 Airplane, 1 fire engine, 2 blazing fires, 1 truck, 2 cargo loads, 1 track end, 1 taxi, 1 crane, 4 trees, 1 level crossing, 1 uneven track, 1 mountain, 8 support pillars, 1 battery-operated express train with 2 passenger cars, 3 traffic signs, 2 game figures, 6 pylons and 2 tool racks with 1 tools
  • Stimulates imagination and creativity; supports the development of social skills and the ability to work in a team
  • Promotes linguistic and organizational skills
  • 8-piece big city set with a train in the storage box
  • Convenient, light and space-saving stowage in the storage box with lid
  • The box can be integrated into the landscape.
  • Countless game variants with the train station, the road network, the fire station, the construction site and the airport
  • Stimulates imagination and creativity; supports the development of social skills and the ability to work in a team

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Product number: E3773


Mega Metropolis Train Bucket Set

Article nr.: E3773
80 pieces mega city bucket set. Includes 1 box with 1 cover, 3 plastic S-shape tracks, 1 Y-shape track, 4 curved tracks, 8 straight tracks, 2 ascending tracks, 4 wooden decorations, 1 freight train with 2 carriages, 1 platform, 1 watch tower, 1 plane, 1 traffic light, 1 fire truck, 2 fire blocks, 1 truck, 2 cargo blocks, 1 plane, 1 track end, 1 taxi, 1 crane, 4 tree blocks, 1 level crossing, 1 rocky track, 1 plastic mountain, 8 piers, 1 high-speed engine with 2 passenger cars, 2 triangle traffic signs, 2 figurines, 6 cone blocks and 2 tool racks with 10 tools. Include a battery powered inter-city train. For 3 years and above

Play tips

Easy to put away and saves storage space. And the storage bucket is part of the scenery. Connect the scenery together with bridges and rails then send your people and vehicles out to populate the world! Get to grips with your new restaurant, shops, construction site, fire station and even airport! Create endless play scenarios!

Warning notice

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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