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Magnet Science Lab

From 4 Years


  • Includes instructions, tools and all the pieces you need to create seven magnetic experiments including a Gravity Magnet, a Balance Magnet, a Bouncing Magnet, a Spinning Planet, a Magic Fish, a Magnetic Fishing and a Swirling Magnet!
  • Compatible with other Junior Inventor sets so you can add to your existing projects
  • Easy-to-use pieces and tools, designed for 4+
  • Includes 4 x magnets, 1 x 1-hole block, 2 x 7-hole strips, 1 x 9-hole strip, 2 x long screws, 6 x short screws, 6 x nuts, 6 x caps, 1 x rod, 1 x string, 2 x 3-hole base stands, 1 x 3-hole rotator, 1 x small wheel, 4 x printed graphics, 1 x paper fish, 1 x Philips screwdriver
  • Includes 2 x 1-hole blocks, 2 x 3-hole blocks, 1 x 3-hole strip, 3 x 5-hole strips, 3 x 7-hole strips, 2 x 9-hole strips, 1 x 21-hole plank, 2 x triangular planks, 7 x long screws, 4 x short screws, 8 x nuts, 2 x caps, 1 x rod, 1 x hook, 1 x wheel handle, 2 x 3-hole base stands, 1 x rubber band, 1 x 3-hole rotator, 2 x cogs, 2 x prop blades, 1 x saddle, 1 x working headlamp, 2 x large wheels, 2 x small wheels, 1 x digger, 1 x Philips screwdriver, 1 x wrench
  • LED light) requires 1 button battery (not included)

No longer available

Product number: E3033


Magnet Science Lab

Article nr.: E3033
Explore the world of magnet science with this set of seven experiments. Perfect for young scientists and inventors!

Play tips

Explore the mysteries of magnetism from the included instructions then let your inner inventor out of the box and build anything you like!

Warning notice

WARNING: Choking hazard -Small parts. Strangulation hazard-long cord. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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