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Hand-Powered Flashlight

From 4 Years


  • Hand-charged flashlight
  • Converts kinetic (movement) energy into electricity and light
  • Pull the green ring several times to generate power
  • Ring stows neatly into base when not in use
  • Twist the end of the flashlight to switch the power on and off
  • LED light) requires 1 button battery (not included)
  • Made from sustainable biomass (non-oil-based) plastic
  • Encourages children to be active at night

No longer available

Product number: E5579


Hand-Powered Flashlight

Article nr.: E5579
Forget batteries! With this sustainable flashlight you make your own power. Made with bamboo and biomass plastic.

Play tips

Pull the green ring to generate power. Twist the end of the flashlight to switch on.

Warning notice

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. STRANGULATION HAZARD-Long cord. Not suitable for children under 3 yrs. Be advised not to look at the bright light,which would affect your eyesight.

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