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Regenmacher Rosalie

From 0 months


No longer available

Product number: E8531B

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Penguin Music Wobbler From 6 months
With the Penguin Musical Wobbler, children can experience sound and delight in the penguin’s soothing tinkling sounds and funny waddle.

Beaded Raindrops From 0 months
Turn this rain maker over and stimulate senses with vibrant trickling beads and soothing raindrop sounds. Perfectly designed shape makes it easy for a toddler to hold.

Sea Animals Rattle Set From 0 months
Babies will be enchanted by the Stay-put Rattle Set’s differing sounds, bright colours and aquatic animals. Moreover, with their handy suction cups, playtime is possible anywhere, anytime!

Magic Touch Drums From 6 months
Hape’s Magic Touch Drums. Tap each of Baby Einstein’s friends to play a different note, and magic touch technology means there are no buttons needed! Baby toys that make music will encourage your rock star to think and act creatively. Two different modes mean there are lots of ways your little one can play or start composing his own hit melodies. The toy’s Drum Mode and Melody Mode let baby switch between playing along with classical tunes or moving to his own groove. Get ready to join in – playing the drums is just as fun for baby as it is for you too! And don’t worry about waking little brother or sister. The volume control buttons let you turn the music to “low” when you need to, or crank it up to “high” to rock out. At either volume, the higher end quality speakers make sure your baby’s beats sound just right.

Magic Touch™ Deluxe Piano From 6 months
Small fingers, big sounds! Thanks to the patented Touch Cap technology, even light touches are enough to play notes on the Magic Touch Deluxe Piano. The interactive wooden piano does not require any keys or buttons and has two octaves. The six sheets of music that are included can be used to practice playing independently, while the stored melodies invite you to listen. The piano has two playing modes and two different volume levels. For children 6 months and over. 1. Magic Touch™ technology plays real piano sounds with just one tap 2. 5 song cards feature 10 classic melodies for baby to master 3. Introduces 100+ instruments, sound effects & music styles Freeplay Mode / Mode Libre Follow color note sequences to practice complete songs suivre les suites de notes colorées pour travailler un morceau complet Composer Mode / Mode Compositeur Select an instrument to mix with melodies for independent play sélectionner un instrument à mélanger avec des mélodies pour jouer librement Creation mode / Mode Création Press multiple keys to “layer riffs” and compose original songs Appuyer sur plusieurs touches pour « superposer les thèmes » et composer ses propres morceaux 4. Multicolored keys promote color exploration using Newton’s color theory 5. Wooden surface easily wipes clean 6. Versatile design for floor or tabletop play

Strum Along Songs™ From 12 months
Baby’s first jam session is full of musical discovery with the Strum Along Songs™ Magic Touch™ Guitar from Baby Einstein. Made with award-winning Magic Touch technology, this wooden toy puts music at baby’s fingertips… with no buttons or strings required! Realistic guitar sounds respond to your baby’s strumming movements to put their creativity on the main stage. Your rockstar can create her own chord combinations or play along to pre-recorded tunes. Use the whammy bar to enter Silly Mode for sound effects galore. This toddler toy introduces color and music notes while encouraging the development of motor skills. Let the creativity soar with baby’s very first guitar!

Magic Touch Curiosity Tablet DE/IT/EN From 6 months
introduce your little one to 150+ melodies and sounds to help stimulate his senses. The durable design of this wooden toy means you won’t have to worry about cracked screens or protection plans. Baby will love to discover something new with every touch of this unique musical toy.

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