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Checkout Register

From 3 Years


  • 37-piece wooden checkout register
  • Practice basic math & money-counting skills
  • Encourages social & imaginative play
  • Made from eco-friendly material fasa

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Product number: E3121


Checkout Register

Article nr.: E3121
Cash or credit? This sturdy register lets kids scan a card or pay with money.Play value: priceless.


  • CASH OR CREDIT?: This wooden register lets children pay with cash or scan a card, teaching them basic math and money-counting skills. The cash register features realistic accessories that encourage real-world imitative play.
  • 37-PIECE SET: The checkout register comes equipped with one change draw, one scanner, one stack of register paper, one card reader, one credit card and more. Teach your little one about money.
  • IMAGINATIVE ROLE-PLAY: Pretend to work at your favourite store or man the register at your very own business – the opportunities for play are endless.
  • EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT: The toy playset is not only fun, it is also a great way to develop and enhance your child’s ability to learn fundamental maths skills, monetary value and counting skills.
  • MADE FROM ECO-FRIENDLY MATERAILS: Part of this set is built in a sustainable way using Fasal as an alternative for wood. Made from wood pellet and corn starch, Fasal is moisture-proof and exceptionally strong.
  • AGE RECOMMENDATION: 3 years and up

Play tips

Practice counting using the play money and abacus.

Warning notice

WARNING: Choking hazard -Small parts. Strangulation hazard-long cord. Not suitable for children under 3 yrs.

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